Illustrate the authentication policies, in which you identified in part 1 question 1, by including at least 2 SmartArt diagrams graphically depicting them.

Describe at least 2 network security breach scenarios that can be prevented by implementing the authentication policies in which you identified in Part 1 Question 1.

Include PowerPoint speaker notes that will accompany each slide with 5-10 sentences and provide more detail about the slide content to be used when presenting this to a group.

Slide 1: Windows 7 supports both Windows Authentication Mode and Mixed Mode. Windows Authentication mode allows Windows Authentication and disables SQL Server Authentication. The mixed mode enables both forms of authentication. The advantages of Windows Authentication mode are secure validation and password encryption, auditing, password expiration, minimum password length, and lockout after several login attempts. The advantages of SQL Server Authentication are the ability to support older applications, supporting environments with mixed systems, the ability to connect from untrusted domains, and the development of an advanced permissions hierarchy...

Disseminating Organizational IT Security and Troubleshooting Best Practices Powerpoint

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