Cheryl M., Essay Queen Staff - February 26, 2017

Ethics Assignment

Medical Ethics Case:

You are to write an essay in response to the “Ed Fisher Case” (which is posted in the docsharing folder).  This means you compose an essay with complete sentences, in paragraph form.  Do not just number and answer each question by itself.   

Read the case CAREFULLY and then think about the situation that it presents.  Put yourself in the place of the medical professionals in the case (either a doctor or nurse involved in the case).  You need to come to a decision about what you think ought to be done, or what the most ethical course of action is.  In order to come to a decision, you need to do a few different things: 

You must first answer the question of whether or not you think Ed is currently a capable decision-maker or not.  Cite specific evidence from the case in support of your position.  Remember that if he is a capable decision-maker, then respecting his autonomy means following his wishes for treatment.  But if he is not a capable decision maker, then we try to determine what he would have wanted done, if he had been able to choose.  Again, give specific evidence from the facts of the case as support for your claim.    

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Ed Fisher is currently a capable decision-maker. Although he has been diagnosed with late stage ALS, which is a cognitive disease, the illness isn’t known to affect the regions of the brain that influence thinking or behavior. Despite this, it is possible that Ed Fisher would like to forgo the feeding tube because he is depressed; he lost his wife three years ago, his ability to use the majority of his limbs, and he doesn’t seem to experience any joy when he spends time with his family. Therefore...