According to University World News, a global network university is a collaborative association among a broad spectrum of education centers that aims to use their cooperation in a way to positively benefit the education of their students. In the first chapter of “Selections from the Prison Notebooks of Antonio Gramsci”, “The Intellectuals”, he discusses the fact that everybody has ability to become and intellectual but not everybody has experienced the social means that allow them to do so. “Intellectual” is a vague word, and many people can fall into this category for different reasons; if one is particularly skilled in math and science but lacks the ability to communicate effectively, this doesn’t disqualify him or her from this category. According to Gramsci, anyone who is able to succeed in their particular profession should be considered an intellectual because they mastered their unique interest and set of abilities...

What kind of intellectuals does the “global network university” produce? Discuss this question by engaging with Gramsci’s “The Intellectuals.” 

Intellectualism and the “Global Network University”

Cheryl M., Essay Queen Staff - February 26, 2017

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